Upcoming Shows


Upcoming Shows

*10/14 - Reid’s

Owensboro, KY

10/14 - Stoner’s Bar (formally Southside)

Boonville, IN

*10/20 - Taylor’s Tavern

Owensboro, KY

10/21 - Ri Ra’s Irish Pub

Evansville, IN

*10/26 - Taylor’s Tavern

Owensboro, KY

10/27 - Stellian’s 

Central City, KY

*10/28 - Windy Hollow Flee Market

Owensboro, KY

*11/1 - Kanpai Sushi

Evansville, IN

11/4 - Boiler Room

Owensboro, KY

    * - solo acoustic performance


Upcoming Show Dates for Josh Merritt

There are plenty of places to watch Josh Merritt perform in the upcoming month. Here are just a few:

8/12 - Southside Bar - Boonville, IN

8/13 - 3 Monkey's 4th St. Pub - Owensboro, KY

8/19 - Friday After 5 - Owensboro, KY (Convention Center)

8/25 - Taylor's Tavern - Owensboro, KY

8/26 - Lyle's Sportszone - Evansville, IN

8/27 - Boiler Room - Owensboro, KY

8/28 & 8/31 - Maloney's - Owensboro, KY



April 2016 Show Dates

April is full of great opportunities to see Josh Merritt live. Follow Josh on Snapchat to catch clips of shows and the band on the go @joshuamerritt


4/1- Southside Bar- Boonville, IN (Acoustic)

4/2- 3 Monkey's Pub- Owensboro, KY (Josh Merritt Trio)

4/6- Kanpai- Evansville, IN (Acoustic) 

4/8- Lyle's Sportzone- Evansville, IN (Acoustic) 

4/9- Taylor's Bar- Owensboro, KY  

4/15- Boiler Room- Owensboro, KY (Acoustic) 

4/16- Boiler Room- Owensboro, KY

4/22- O'Brian's Bar- Evansville, IN

4/24- Maloney's- Owensboro, KY (Acoustic) 

4/29- Taylor's Bar- Owensboro, KY (Acoustic) 

4/30- Taylor's Bar Crawfish Boil- Owensboro, KY (Acoustic) 

4/30- Cricket's- Newburgh, IN  

Owensboro's Own Interviews Josh Merritt


Josh got the chance to stop in with JT Pedley of "Owensboro's Own" Podcast and talk about his music, travel, and career as of lately. Download the interview at the link below and don't forget to follow the "Owensboro's Own" podcast to hear interviews with Josh and many other people in the community. 


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