Andrew Galyen

Bass Guitar

My journey with music started about a decade ago when my older brother got a guitar for Christmas. At the time my mom was living in Renton, Washington, just outside of Seattle, and my brother had become obsessed with Jimi Hendrix, and that obsession quickly rubbed off on me. After that my older brother would pick up the guitar and my younger brother drums so I naturally picked up the bass guitar. Early on my playing was influenced by guys like John Paul Jones, Sting, Geezer Butler, Paul McCartney, and Flea. And over the next few years I would spend most of my time playing in my bedroom and listening to records. A few years later I joined my high school jazz band. After joining I began to take my playing more seriously and focus on working towards a career in music, picking up every gig and session I could. Now, I'm proud to be holding down the low end for Josh Merritt and I look forward to what is to come.